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On this page you find a selection of programs I have developed for the Casio FX-850P/FX-880P pocket computer. These programs were all developed between 1990 and 1993 and no further development has taken place since then.


TicTacToe (3kByte)
Simple Tic-Tac-Toe game, making use of the minimalistic pixel graphics of the Casio. To play, use the keys 1 to 9 corresponding the position on the field; use 0 instead of your first move to let the computer begin.
The game was created before I had any knowledge of game configurations or decision trees and consequently does not play very strong -- easy to defeat.


ASCII-ED2 (2kByte)
With this program definition strings for the graphic characters may be created. The chars 252 to 255 of the Casio's character table allow redefining using the DEFCHR$ by using five hex values for the five pixel columns, e.g. DEFCHR$(255)="FF00FF00FF" for vertical lines.
After program start you have to enter a definition string, but also the default can be accepted with the EXE key. In the display the current row, the defined char, the current column, and the definition string are displayed. Using the cursor keys, the current row and column can be changed, with the SHIFT key the pixel at this position can be toggled. BS or CAPS delete the whole char. With the MEMO key one can save the current definition to the MEMO databank after entering a descriptive name. The E key allows to change the definition string directly. If in this input mask, a dot (.) is entered as first character, one can browse all definitions saved to the MEMO databank (using EXE to advance) and load a definition with the MEMO key.
BRUCH (Fraction, 1kByte)
Converts a decimal number (or the result of a calculation) into a fraction, in "DEG" mode as a+b/c, in "RAD" mode as "d/c".

System tools

Memomaster is a memory editor allowing to explore and modify the Casio's memory directly. More details can be found on the Program homepage.
Out of the box, the Casio FX-850P/FX-880P supports ten BASIC programs P0 to P9 and one MEMO databank. Extensive research on the internals led to the insight that the pocket computer is capable of handling more than 10 programs, which can easily be accessed using the scientific library function. These programs can be created and managed using PGM-PLUS. Aditionally, PGM-PLUS allows to create more than one MEMO databank.
Displays the length of all programs in RAM, also the programs additionally to P0 to P9 that may be created, e.g. using PGM-PLUS

Disclaimer, important Notes

All programs on this webpage are provided for private, noncommercial use without charge. Further publication, e.g. on other websites or on disks, is not permitted.

Disclaimer: For problems or damage arising from the use of these programs I will assume no responsibility and assume no liability. Especially the programs using direct memory access may cause data loss in case of inappropriate use. Also, faults in these programs may not be excluded, even though these programs have been working well for years.

For questions, please refer to my e-mail adress on my homepage.