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About this Web Presence and this Declaration

This is a non-commercial and private web site to present some of my areas of interest and contains the following web sites / sub domains: Other sub domains below schwandtner.info are only for internal use by the web site owner and not for public use, and therefore with access restrictions (login page).

Processed and Collected Data

When visiting this web site only the technically required data for accessing the sites via the HTTP/HTTPS protocols and as sent by the browser is processed (e.g. IP address, user agent string, referrer). Cookies are not used. This data is processed and collected as required to ensure a secure operation of this web site and (together with time stamps) stored in a web server log employing pdeudonymisation, truncating the IP address to ensure it cannot be mapped to a specific user. Based on this, the hosting provider offers web site usage statistics, which are also using pseudonymisation and are only visible to the web site owner. Internally, the hosting provider also stores meta data in logs to fulfill regulatory requirements.

When sending e-mails to the mail address given on this web site, then the mails including their meta data used in the SMTP protocol are send and processed (including mail headers). These mails are downloaded and stored to the web site owner's mail client programs and are also stored on mail server and mail account backups. The hosting provider has internal logs for the mail servers.

According to the declaration by the hosting provider, HTTP/HTTPS access logs are stored for 14 days, and all other logs for 7 days.

Contact Details:

This private web presence is operated by:

Contact details only as graphics

A clickable version of the mail address is located on the very bottom of the home page and requires Javascript to secure the address.
Please note: When contacting me via e-mail, also note that the e-mail response could be wrongly filtered and end up in the SPAM/Junk Mail folders, so please also look into these folders when expecting a reply.